Special Solutions

We can offer you special solutions - louvers, glass post facades, glass canopies, and much more. All the special solutions we offer meet your project's unique needs and requirements. Our designers are experienced specialists capable of creating innovative and functional solutions for various projects. We use high-quality materials and technologies to ensure the long-term durability and reliability of our products. We work together with you to help you achieve your construction project goals and enjoy unique, high-quality, and functional results.


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Special Solutions

Glass post facades: Glass post facades add openness and individuality to your buildings while allowing natural light to enter, all while maintaining quality and durability. Our facade solutions are energy-efficient and offer sound insulation, creating a comfortable and modern environment.

Glass canopies: glass canopies provide protection from weather conditions without sacrificing the benefits of natural light.

Lamellas: glass or aluminum lamellas give your facade a striking appearance and modern aesthetics.

Contact us to discuss the special requirements of your project and begin collaborating with our experts who will help you create the perfect facade for your building.