About us

WARMECO OÜ started its business in 2008, and, so far it has been operating in the area of glass facade consultation. In 2017 we decided to start independent manufacturing of aluminium and glass facades, doors and windows. Our experience with glass facades dates back to 1995. Our aim is to offer the quality service to building companies and individual persons on every stage – Sale, Design, Production and Installation. Thanks to our up-to-date machinery, we can offer a wide range of special works and comprehensive solutions. We have the Schüco CNC bench PBX, and, in addition, any other equipment required for up-to-date production. Among our suppliers of aluminium systems there are Schüco, Reynaers, Purso, and glazed windows are supplied by Klaasimeister and Saint Gobain Baltiklaas.



Armand Kaber

Company manager

Experience with aluminium and glass facades – since 1995.

Worked through every stage of the profession, starting from manufacturing and installation of aluminium apertures and project management to project design, elaborate solutions and firm management.

Participated in the manufacturing of hundreds of glass facades, including, for instance, glass facades, windows and doors of the following buildings – experience that can be trusted in the most complicated situations.

Languages: Estonian, Finnish, Russian and English.

E-mail: armand.kaber@warmeco.ee

Some projects

Life Science Center a total of 4 office buildings, main contractor Hartela OY . Helsingi
Hämeenlinna Police building, main contractor YIT Rakennus OY. Hämeenlinna
Luhta headquarters, main contractor Lujatalo OY. Lahti
UPM headquarters, main contractor YIT Rakennus OY . Helsingi
Hyvinkää shopping centre, main contractor YIT Rakennus OY. Hyvinkää
Plaza Halo, Hehku and Tuike, main contractor NCC Rakennus OY. Helsingi
Navigator office building, main contractor YIT Ehitus . Tallinn
Statistikaameti office building, main contractor Kaamos Ehitus. Tallinn
Interior doors and windows of the Estonian National Museum, main contractor FUND Ehitus. Tartu
Explorer office building, main contractor YIT Ehitus. Tallinn
Superministry office buildings, main contractor Fund Ehitus. Tallinn