Glazed facades

Given the quick and simple installation, and aesthetic appearance and versatile use, glass façades have become a very common solution in modern construction. The efficiency of a façade is assessed based on the following criteria:

– thermal resistance
– watertightness
– airtightness
– sound insulation
– UV protection
– safety
– fire resistance properties

We also base our own production on the abovementioned properties and developing solutions related to them. Thanks to the strong engineering competency in the company, we are always ready to design façade solutions that are more sophisticated than average. We offer classic glass façades made on site by using a traditional post and sliding bolt system, including the accompanying variations.

However, mainly in the case of higher work volume, we manufacture element façades, the elements of which are manufactured in our plant in Keila, where we have a wide range of options. For manufacturing all façades we use a glazing unit and aluminium profile according to the design.

Major advantages of post and sliding bolt façades:

– suitable for all buildings
– can be used to build very large glass areas without divisions
– good value for money: the price is lower than in the case of an element façade
– fast delivery time
– all systems are CE certified and their U-values have been tested

Major advantages of element façades:

– suitable for large building volumes
– a good solution for high rise buildings (over 8 floors)
– quick and high-quality installation – elements manufactured at the plant according to the design have passed additional quality control prior to installation
– allow the design of complex special solutions
– all systems are CE certified and their U-values have been tested

Our facade systems are specially designed in cooperation with customers and architects to satisfy contemporary needs of buildings. Depending on needs, you can choose a traditional post & sliding bolt system including the accompanying variations. Our range also features the systems of element facades, assembled into final elements at the factory, allowing customer very fast installation.

All systems have got CE certification and their U values were tested.

SFC 85

USC 65


FW 50+S

FW 50+S


FW 50+SG

AOC 50+

FW 50.SI

USC 65

3D Schüco Parametric System


FW 50.SI