Glass roofs

Aluminium profile glass roofs are often a design solution where the practical value is left in the background. In most cases, an eye-catching architectural design also means complex structures, especially in the case of roofs, where safety and water resistance play a very important role. We have created outstanding glass roof designs for several well-known public and commercial buildings. Given our strong engineering expertise and extensive experience, we are ready to create very complex designs.

Advantages of glass roofs manufactured by us:

– Aluminium profiles of glass roofs are compatible with our aluminium doors and windows as well as with façade designs
– A glass roof is a good solution, for example, to illuminate or expand atriums or corridors inside the building
– A glass roof does not significantly increase costs for heating
– We specialize in this area, and we use proven solutions that are safe and reliable
– We can design complex, specialized solutions that we build based on proven and durable standard designs
– Depending on the complexity of the design, we can also offer quick delivery
– All systems are CE certified and their U-values have been tested

There are special profile systems for rooftop glazing, combining the attractive design and statics. All our systems are inter-compatible. Windows, facades and rooftop systems can be easily combined to create excellent comprehensive solutions.

All systems have got CE certification and their U values were tested.

Skylight AWS 57RO